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MFA Was Never Enough - ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication Live Webinar

COST:FREE January 9th at 12 PM-1 PM EST


When it comes to authentication, adaptability and agility are now as important as security.  Understanding this, the technology pioneers at ForgeRock have created Intelligent Authentication, which provides a rich digital canvas where login flows can be created and managed intuitively.  Join us to learn how you can include up to 15 different authentication factors or signals in your login journey by using this dynamic platform.


The 60-minute webinar will include:


  • An introduction to ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication and showcase how to create complex authentication journeys with ease.
  • Discussions on common use cases for participants to learn about the underlying technology and features.
  • An overview of partner provided extensions and how to extend the authentication process with custom functionality provided by either the implementer’s own java code or scripts against the built in scripting API.
  • An introduction to ForgeRock’s latest Access Management curriculum and  the ForgeRock Certified Access Management specialist exam which has been updated to incorporate Intelligent Authentication.

Webinar Presenter

  •  Matthias Tristl, Principle Learning Instructor at ForgeRock
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